Has quarantine made you realize the need to redecorate? Maybe you’ve cleaned out your closet and have a stack of old clothes to sell? Did you start a garden and need additional plants? Whether you are buying or selling there are a number of options for shopping second hand online!

Started way back in 1995 in San Francisco, Craigslist is the classic forum for online sales. It features everything from apartment listings, to personal ads, to sale items and savvy users still swear by it! You’ll need to arrange pick-ups, but many sellers and buyers are using Paypal and Venmo for contactless transactions. Personally, I love it for plants.

If you have a Facebook account, you have access to the Marketplace. Find clothing, kids items, and housewares. Marketplace also remembers your location and prior searches so the more you visit the more it will cater to you interests. And contactless pick-up is common here too!

LetGo is another local pick-up sales site. They recently took over OfferUp and are looking to create a more user-friendly and intuitive online selling experience. Their app is a great addition to the local sales options.

If you love estate sales and auctions, Everything But the House (EBTH) might be for you! Careful, shipping can get pricey, but the low auction prices may make it worth it. You can also usually pick-up for free at the auction site.

ThredUp is a great choice for second hand clothes shoppers. This online consignment store allows you to limit by brand, size, and color and will remember your preferences to help you shop. Items are shipped to your home. Or you can order a Clean Out Kit and ThredUp will help you sell that closet full of clothes that no longer spark joy.

Looking for more clothes? Try Poshmark. Answer some questions about your favorite brands and sizes and get a curated collection of items you might like. If you chose to sell, you’ll need to set-up the listings yourself, but Poshmark’s app makes it easy to do with just a smart phone.

If you have discerning taste and a love of fine home goods, Chairish is your site. Lovingly curated, it is the online equivalent of a high-end antique shop. So although you may not find any hidden treasures, you also won’t have to scroll through pages of Poangs. If you have design classics to sell, this is also a great place to get a fair price.

Looking for outdoor gear? REI offers used clothes, equipment, and more! The company buys items from REI Co-op members and resells them to help keep them in use and out of landfills.

Written 5/6/20 by Ellen