Suddenly everyone is cooking at home and dried beans are finally having their moment. Here is a completely bias list of my favorite resources to help you learn the basics and expand your repertoire of dishes.

If you visit no other resource on this list, then check out Jamie Oliver’s YouTube site of cooking videos. He cooks with kids, other chefs, and has continued the series in quarantine in his home kitchen.

Bon Appetit Basically offers no nonsense recipes and articles that teach you how to cook. It also will make you look younger with its fresh simple aesthetic.

The Kitchn can feel overwhelming featuring everything from reviews, to chatty articles, to skills articles. But look past the provocative headlines and you’ll find a trove of articles about food and cooking that curate the breadth of what is available online. The Absolute Essentials videos are great takes on basic skills.

I’ve tried A LOT of recipes and Deb Perelman’s always work. Visit Smitten Kitchen and pick one to try.

If you are looking to shed the Quarantine 15, Skinny Taste is a great resource for lightened recipes that are still satisfying.

Samrin Nosrat’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is one of my favorite cookbooks. It changes the way you think about food and cooking. Her Netflix series of the same name is just as inspiring.

Are you even in COVID-19 quarantine if you don’t have a sourdough starter? If you haven’t started one, there is still time! Check out King Arthur Flour for one of the best tutorials on the Internet (the time lapse videos!!). Also check their recipe archive for reliable recipes for all manner of baked goods.

Written 3/25/20 by Ellen