Growing up in the late 70s everyone had that neighbor who had a window full of houseplants and macrame. Ours also wore wooden clogs and ate whole grain bread. It turns out she was onto something. Houseplants (and clogs and whole grain) are back in big way and have become a staple of fashionable homes all over social media. And why not! Houseplants help clean the air, increase contentedness, and promote well-being. Whether your thumb is black or green here are some tips to get you growing!

Hilton Carter has become legendary on social media for his plant packed home. In his new series, The Plant Doctor, he talks about caring for specific types of plants, as well as giving tips on general plant care.

CleverBloom is not only pretty, but also packed with care tips, tricks, and fun projects for plant parents.

Old school in style, Houseplant 411 is one of the best sites for identification and care tips.

For a more science-based and thorough approach to plant care, check out House Plant Journal. His YouTube Channel is also amazing and this video on bright, indirect, light is a great explanation of this vague instruction on almost every houseplant label.

Got mystery plants? Use the Leafsnap app to help you identify them!

If you have furry friends at home who are plant munchers, be sure to check the ASPCA list of Poisonous Plants.

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Written 4/8/20 by Ellen