If you read our recent post on the Architecture of Bayne Library you may be interested in learning more about the history and architecture of your own home, or some of the beautiful old homes within Bellevue. We hope you are inspired by these interesting books all about house and home.

Tracing your House History: A Guide for Family Historians by Gill Blanchard shares how to trace the history of your home. Learn how to gain insights into the lives of the people who lived in it before you, and place your home it into the wider history and context of your neighborhood.

A Field Guide to American Houses: The Definitive Guide to Identifying and Understanding America’s Domestic Architecture by Virginia McAlester provides a frame of reference with over a thousand illustrations to help you identify your house in regards to the various styles and periods of American domestic architecture. When you look at a house, you will notice and understand so much more thanks to this comprehensive guide!

House Histories: A Guide to Tracing the Genealogy of Your Home by Sally Light will guide you in finding important clues to reveal the history of your house. Learn how to decipher old documents related to your house, examine the building style and materials, and discern what portion of the home is original, and what has been added.

Discovering the History of your House and Your Neighborhood by Betsy Green will help you to embark in the step-by-step process of creating a written record of the history of your house, including the land and people who have lived there.

American Homes: The Landmark Illustrated Encyclopedia of Domestic Architecture by Les Walker is a reference guide to over a hundred building styles. Gain an understanding of the history of each style, its development over time, and historical influences relevant to each style’s shape, size, materials, ornamentation, and plan configuration.

The Elements of a Home: The Curious Histories Behind Everyday Household Objects, from Pillows to Forks by Amy Azzarito takes you on a journey of discovery through every nook and cranny of a home to share the fascinating history of over sixty household objects. This captivating book is brimming with historical details and lovely illustrations.

At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson is a non-fiction treasure in which the author travels through his house one room at a time while writing about the history of the world. With a knack for making the ordinary extraordinary, he presents a unique view into the history behind the place we call home.

Thanks for checking out some of our favorite books about house and home, be sure to visit our Lists page for more reading suggestions and resource guides.

Written 11/03/20 by Linda