Popular with book clubs, historical fiction takes readers into the past. Often featuring famous figures, the genre requires authors not only have plenty of imagination, but also a solid grasp of facts. Here are some of the most popular authors in the genre.

Marie Benedict looks at history from the perspective of the women behind the great men. In Carnegie’s Maid the reader is taken into the world of the famous steel baron through the eyes of an imagined maid. The Other Einstein provides the perspective of Mileva Maric, Einstein’s brilliant wife.

Melanie Benjamin looks at the lives of famous women and how historical events shaped them. The Mistress of the Ritz explores the woman who hosted the Nazis at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, while working for the French Resistance. The Swans of Fifth Avenue introduces readers to Truman Capote’s squad of wealthy female friends.

Fiona Davis‘ books use an iconic address to explore the lives of women. In The Address the Dakota Building takes center stage for two women separated by a century. In The Masterpiece, Grand Central Terminal is the backdrop.

Ken Follett‘s books are a commitment, but they reward the patient reader richly. The Kingsbridge Series follows a medieval town over the course of the Middle Ages.

Philippa Gregory takes readers inside the court of Henry the VII with her acclaimed Plantagenet and Tudor Novels. The Other Boleyn Girl is a great introduction to the series.

Lisa See is the perfect choice for reader’s interested in Asian history. Snowflower and the Secret Fan takes readers into nineteenth century China and introduces them to the secluded lives of women. The all-Asian Revues of the 30s and 40s are the subject of China Dolls.

Written 4/5/20 by Ellen