Here are some of our favorite tips to help make your computer use more efficient and fun!

Note: Apple users can substitute the Command key for the Ctrl key or Windows key.

CTRL + F brings up a box for you to input a word you would like to quickly find in the text of a document or a web page. Try it and type in the word testing <—this word should highlight.

DOUBLE-CLICK a word to highlight only that word. Try it here—> highlight

TRIPLE-CLICK anywhere within a paragraph to highlight the entire paragraph. Try it out here. You can see that this entire paragraph will be highlighted.

Once text is highlighted CTRL + C will copy it, CTRL + X will delete it form that location, CTRL + V will paste it in the new cursor location.

CTRL + Z will undo any change, and can be pressed multiple times for multiple undos, and CTRL + Y will redo the undo.

CTRL + S to save.

CTRL + P to print.

SHIFT + WINDOW KEY + S will allow you to take a snip of your screen or a portion of your screen, and CTRL + V will paste the snip into a document.

ALT + TAB will cycle through your currently open windows, and ALT + SHIFT + TAB will cycle backwards.

The SPACEBAR will scroll down on a webpage in viewable chunks and SHIFT + SPACEBAR will scroll up on a webpage in viewable chunks.

Don’t test this now, but in the future CTRL + W will quickly close the current window.

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Written 9/16/20 by Linda