Library Closed Indefinitely

The Office of Commonwealth Libraries has recommended that all Libraries close indefinitely in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

If you have questions we are happy to help! Just email us at, or send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Please hold all items until the Library reopens. No fines will be accessed.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as they become available. For more information on the virus and how Bellevue Borough is reacting, please click here

Create a Scribble Book!

Encourage early literacy by having your young child create their very own scribble book inspired by their favorite fuzzy red friend Elmo! All you need is paper, pipe cleaners, crayons, and imagination!

Click the link below to check out a Sesame Street video of Elmo reading his own scribble book to Doug E. Doug. After watching together, your child will be excited to create and read their book to you, just like Elmo!


Hoopla is another great way to get downloadable content using your Library card.

With Hoopla you have access to 15 titles per month. These can be TV shows, songs, eBooks, or Audiobooks. There are titles for every age group, including some great kids programming! The best part is there are no waitlists! If the item is listed, it is available.

Don’t have a Library card? Just click here to get started!

Story Starters

It’s the perfect time to get creative and silly, so grab a pencil and some paper and let your imagination run wild.

You just opened a Bayne Library book and instead of seeing words on the page, you find that the inside of the book is like an open window giving you a view into a whole other world! What do you see, hear, and…wait a minute- what is that smell?  What happens next?

It is Autumn and you notice something large and furry climbing up the tallest tree at Bayne Park, what is it and how did it get there?  You step on a crunchy leaf and it turns and sees you, what is your next move?

You are writing a message in a bottle to put in the Ohio River that will flow into the Mississippi River and eventually all the way into the Gulf of Mexico. Your message isn’t for a human to read, it is for a Bonnethead Shark named Bonnie.  Don’t worry, Bonnie just eats crabs, shrimp, mollusks and small fish!  What does your message say? Be sure to include drawings- sharks love drawings!

Missing You – Week 3

We are missing all of our Thursday story time friends very much. We realize that, by now, many of you are probably getting a little tired of the library books you have checked out. We’ve put together a list of some fun things you can do with your stack of books.

Set up your books so that they form a domino effect. Click here to see a video of a library in Seattle that used 2,131 books!

Play pretend librarian. Make library cards for each family member. Set up a display of your favorite books. Use cardboard boxes to create a pretend computer, screen, and scanner for checkout. Use a bigger box for a book drop. Gather stuffed animals for a story time. Remember to sing a few songs together before you begin. After story time, help your guests choose just the right book. See our Imaginative Play Pinterest board for more ideas.

Turn your books over so that they are facing down. How many titles can you name by looking at the back cover?

Put on a play! Use your stuffed animals or family members to play different parts. Gather hats, scarves, and other items around the house for props. Don’t have the books you want? See if you can remember some of your favorites like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Caps for Sale?

Wrap up your books in old newspaper or recycled wrapping paper. Each day, choose a “surprise” book to read. Were you surprised or did you guess what it would be?

Try to balance a book on your head. How far can you walk? How many books can you balance at once? Are you this good?

Make an obstacle course for your toy cars, dolls, or stuffed animals from your books. Books make great roads, tents and houses!

Create a secret reading clubhouse under your dining room table or other small space. Use tablecloths, sheets or blankets to make a cozy enclosure. Bring out the flashlights for even more fun!

For parents and caregivers: Are you frustrated that your child wants to read the same book over and over? It can be hard, but repetition, especially in these stressful times, brings a sense of comfort. Familiar books are like good friends you can call on when you need them. Knowing the ending can help a child feel safe and in control. Let’s nurture each other through these trying times.


You are not alone! We’ve put together a resource list to help you in this stressful time.

Unemployment Benefits

Make sure you file for unemployment. Federal CARES has expanded benefits to self-employed, gig workers and greatly expanded benefits. PA Unemployment now offers a Live Chat feature if you have questions about benefits or need assistance filing your claim.

Need Help?

The Bellevue Farmer’s Market is offering meal delivery to residents within a 3-mile radius from the center of Bellevue. Dates and times vary, so check their Facebook to learn more.

Allegheny County has put together a regularly updated Free Food Distribution Site map.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a federal program that helps supplement the diets of low-income Americans by providing them with emergency food assistance at no cost. Apply to the Emergency Food Assistance Program.

The Federal CARES Act has put strict limits on who can be evicted at this time. Learn more.

The United Way’s 211 line is an amazing resource at any time. All calls are confidential and offer professionally trained representatives who can help you access social services in your area.

Job Hunting

If you file for unemployment, you’ll need to set up an account with PA Career Link. They will help you look for new jobs, polish your resume, and find job training.

The easiest way to find local jobs is to type “Jobs near me” into a Google search. If your location services are on, this will scour the web for job listings in your area.

If you are in a low risk group, many of the essential services are hiring. Check your local grocery store, pharmacy, dollar stores, and big box store. Think Giant Eagle, CVS, Dollar General, and Target. If you have an automobile, delivery services like UberEats and InstaCart are always looking. And of course, Amazon!

Job Training

Now is great time to explore Job Training whether it be expanding your current skill set or learning something new.

Applied Digital Skills with Google uses video tutorials to teach users how to use the Google products like gmail, Google calendar, and Drive. They also offers sessions on cover letters, resumes, and professional branding.

Auto Repair Source and Small Engine Repair Reference Center provide guides, routine maintenance tips, and detailed assembly instructions for an extensive list of automobile and other small engines. These resources are brought to you by Power Library!

Got a resource you think we missed? Let us know at baynelibrary @


Got a kid who loves ciphers and coding? Well then check out CryptoClub!

This awesome resource is full tools, challenges, games, and even comics that introduce kids to ciphers. Many are tough enough to keep parents engaged as well!

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Needles & Hooks–Virtually!

We won’t let COVID-19 stop the crafting. Join us Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. until we reopen for Needles and Hooks, virtually!

To join, just visit

Meeting ID: 404 353 470


It can be hard to concentrate right now so books may be too much for you. Why not try a magazine! Stay up to date on the latest news, explore long form journalism, get ideas for house projects, or escape to exotic places. Flipster is sure to have a magazine to interest you!

Get started using Flipster. Just sign in using the barcode number on your library card!

Don’t have a library card? Sign up now to get immediate access to our digital resources! Just visit the catalog and click on the “Log in or Register” link in the upper right hand corner.

Let’s Pretend……

It’s a great time to do what children do so well…..pretend. Imaginative play promotes language skills, social skills and decision making. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your child and make lasting memories. If you need some ideas for getting started check out our Imaginative Play Pinterest board. Our personal favorite is pretend librarian.

Storytime At Home!

Are you missing storytime? We are too. Why not try and hold your own.

  • Ask your children to search for a book you have at home that they would like to present for storytime.
  • Have then gather an audience:  stuffed animals, cooperative pets, and other family members.
  • If your child is old enough to read the story aloud let them. If they are too young to read you can help them co-present by reading aloud or helping them by reading aloud and having them repeat what you just said.
  • Have your child hold the book so they can see it while reading, but have them walk around to show the page to each member their audience before they turn to the next page. 
  • Encourage funny voices, making sound effects, counting, pointing out colors, talking about what is happening on a page, and movement to act out the story.
  • If you have multiple kids, give each kid a chance to read a book in the storytime session.  Have older children read to younger children.
  • If this activity is enjoyable, you could repeat it each week with different books from your home or from digital access.

Extension activities:

  • Think of a theme and read multiple books about that theme.
  • Sing a song you know that makes sense with the story you just read. You can even adapt a song or make up a new song.
  • Can you think of a craft you can do using resources within your home that pertains to the topic of the book? Check our Pinterest boards for ideas!
  • Use special voices to pretend to be audience members (stuffed animals, pets) and have them ask questions after the reading for your child to give responses.
  • Visit the Author’s and Illustrator’s webpage to learn more about them and other books on which they have worked.

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