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2021 Screen Free Challenge–Week 4

Week 4, 1/22/21-1/28/21: Set the table

2020 changed the way we eat. We ate at home, we rediscovered take-out, and we were reminded of the comfort of a good meal. In 2021 we challenge you to take this new approach to dining a step further and set the table for a meal.

Whether it be take-out for one or a home cooked family meal, a properly set table elevates a meal, reminds us to use proper manners, and encourages us to savor our food. In addition, daily chores (like setting the table) are great ways to practice mindfulness, or focused attention to a simple task. Mindfulness helps counteract the effects of screen time and overstimulation. In other words, setting the table gives your brain a break!

So pick a meal, clear off a table (or counter or cardboard box), and take the time to set the table. (Need help knowing what goes where–check out the guides below) If you have fancy silver or china hidden away in a closet, now is the time to use it. Tablecloths, placemats, and cloth napkins add color and style. And of course, bonus points if you tablescape!

Learn more:

Each week we’ll post an activity, task, or idea for something you can do that is screen-free. No phones, no tablets, no computers, no TV.

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Winter Fun!

Celebrate the season with the Allegheny County Library Association and play Winter Bingo!

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Art Historical Fiction

Artists are notorious for being temperamental, passionate, and fascinating so naturally, they make great subjects for historical fiction.

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Whether you are already a tech savvy computer user looking to level-up, a professional refining your skills, or a hobbyist exploring new skills, you need to check out Udemy.

Udemy offers video-based, online courses on a wide array of business skills, computer software, and data management. Topics include everything from Google SketchUp, to Microsoft Excel, to active listening.

Please note: you will need a Google or Microsoft account to register.

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Fine Free!

As of January 1, 2020, Bayne Library will no longer be charging fines on overdue items.

Learn more about this initiative.

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