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Missing You – Week 3

We are missing all of our Thursday story time friends very much. We realize that, by now, many of you are probably getting a little tired of the library books you have checked out. We’ve put together a list of some fun things you can do with your stack of books.

Set up your books so that they form a domino effect. Click here to see a video of a library in Seattle that used 2,131 books!

Play pretend librarian. Make library cards for each family member. Set up a display of your favorite books. Use cardboard boxes to create a pretend computer, screen, and scanner for checkout. Use a bigger box for a book drop. Gather stuffed animals for a story time. Remember to sing a few songs together before you begin. After story time, help your guests choose just the right book. See our Imaginative Play Pinterest board for more ideas.

Turn your books over so that they are facing down. How many titles can you name by looking at the back cover?

Put on a play! Use your stuffed animals or family members to play different parts. Gather hats, scarves, and other items around the house for props. Don’t have the books you want? See if you can remember some of your favorites like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Caps for Sale?

Wrap up your books in old newspaper or recycled wrapping paper. Each day, choose a “surprise” book to read. Were you surprised or did you guess what it would be?

Try to balance a book on your head. How far can you walk? How many books can you balance at once? Are you this good?

Make an obstacle course for your toy cars, dolls, or stuffed animals from your books. Books make great roads, tents and houses!

Create a secret reading clubhouse under your dining room table or other small space. Use tablecloths, sheets or blankets to make a cozy enclosure. Bring out the flashlights for even more fun!

For parents and caregivers: Are you frustrated that your child wants to read the same book over and over? It can be hard, but repetition, especially in these stressful times, brings a sense of comfort. Familiar books are like good friends you can call on when you need them. Knowing the ending can help a child feel safe and in control. Let’s nurture each other through these trying times.

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Missing You!

We want everyone, especially our youngest patrons, to know how much we miss seeing you. Until we are together again, here is a fun website for online children’s books read by celebrities:

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