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2021 Winter Reading Challenge

Libraries across Allegheny County are inviting everyone to join the Winter Reading Challenge 2021 from January 1 – February 28, 2021

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and challenge yourself to read some good books during the cold of winter. Log books, minutes, pages or days read and watch your points add up. All reading counts. All participants will have a chance to win one of 10 gift cards worth $25.

Register with Beanstack today and be sure to mark Andrew Bayne Memorial Library as your home library!

Any rewards earned need to be picked up in-person or will be mailed locally.

Email or call us at 412-766-7447 with questions!


If you’re interested in researching to learn more about your ancestry, check out our Ancestry Booklist for inspiration to get started! These books cover online research, cemetery visitations, how to reveal the secrets contained in photographs and records, and how to record and preserve the stories of the past and present.

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Wintertime Whimsy

♫ Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but our booklist is so delightful! ♫ With this snowy day foretelling the season to come, now is the perfect time to place holds on the books in our Wintertime Whimsy Booklist!

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Perfect Pairings

Two books are better than one in our latest booklist of Perfect Pairings! Each pairing shares a common tie to enrich your overall reading experience.

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Local Historical Fiction

Reading about the circumstances of others is proven to increase empathy and resilience. Check out our latest booklist on Local Historical Fiction, for books that will make you think about how you might feel if you were living in this region within the context of different times and historical events.

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House and Home

Did our recent post on the Architecture of Bayne Library increase your curiosity about the history and architecture of your own home, or some of the other beautiful old homes within Bellevue? We hope you will be inspired by these interesting books all about house and home featured in our newest booklist.

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Authors Who Also Write Comic Books

The other day I binge-read Rainbow Rowell’s run on the Runaways in one night (Thank you Hoopla!) and it got me thinking about other authors who have moonlighted writing comics. Check out some of my favorites on our newest book list!


Poetry moves beyond patterns of rhythm and sound when words are woven together to be unraveled within the readers heart. We hope our newest book list will inspire you seek out poetry and perhaps even begin writing your own.

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Computer Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Check out our new list of Computer Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts. These tips will help make your computer use more efficient and fun!

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Love Your Library – One Mom’s Journey

September is Love Your Library month and while we encourage and appreciate your monetary donations, it is equally as enriching to have a patron share their library story. Laura Zimmerman, library patron and mother of Evie (6), Renna (4), and Micah (3), recently shared her thoughts on reading as a family:

Cover: The Read Aloud Family

“Last year, I read The Read-Aloud Family: Making Lasting and Meaningful Connections with your Family by Sarah Mackenzie, and it transformed the way I viewed reading with my kids. Instead of randomly picking books off the library shelf (though we have found gems that way too!), I started being more thoughtful about the kind of books we read, noticing authors and illustrators more, and using the extensive Pittsburgh library system to request more book titles. Bringing new books home from the library is always a great day in our house!

Click here for Laura’s Age of Wonder Picture Books.

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