Our Kid’s Book Club is a great group of awesome readers. Check out some of their favorites below!

Bayne Library Kids' Book Club members


Annabelle is a fifth grader and a very enthusiastic reader. When asked to chose her favorite from the twenty-four books that our Kids’ Book Club has read, Annabelle chose, The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.

The One and Only Ivan book cover

Here’s what Annabelle said about this 2013 Newberry Medal winner: “I love it because it was sad but happy and showed us a whole new perspective about animals and the story behind them.” Click here to learn about the gorilla who was the inspiration for the book and watch a great video about his life.

Annabelle also recommends Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling.

Harry Potter and the Half Book Prince book cover

Annabelle says “I love it because it tells a story about magic, the most amazing school in the world, and one boy whose adventure gets more and more dangerous.”


Phineas is a loyal book club member, avid reader, and has been an enthusiastic participant from the beginning and has made some great book recommendations. Among them are one of his favorites, Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland.

Wings of Fire Book Cover

Here’s what Phineas says, “I like Wings of Fire because it’s a great look into a fantasy world and it has a great story. It’s about young dragons who need to save the world. My favorites are Clay, Glory, Tsunami, and Sunny, and Starflight. They don’t quite save the world in the first book. There is a war they are trying to stop. It’s an all around great book that I couldn’t stop reading.”

Phineas is currently reading Wings of Fire The Hidden Kingdom, book three of the Dragonet Prophecy. Visit Scholastic.com for a short video with author, Tui T. Sutherland. There are also games, printable materials and more. It’s a great place to explore all of the titles in this series, including the first three books in graphic novel form. Who knows, you might not be able to stop reading them either!

Bonus Review: Bayne Library Kids’ Book Club junior member, and Phineas’ sister, Dari, is also a super star reader! During quarantine, Dari recommends The Box Car Children Series.


Maryam is the girl who started our book club and has participated in every meeting since the beginning. Maryam really gets into the spirit of the books and she usually provides a tasty treat for us to share that ties into the book we are discussing. She is particularly fond of dragon stories with lots of adventure. Like some other book club members, she is a huge fan of the Wings of Fire book series by Tui T. Sutherland. Maryam has just finished the thirteenth book in this series, The Poison Jungle.

Poison Jungle book cover

Here’s what Maryam has to say. “I love the Wings of Fire series because it’s an adventure story and I love those. After the end of every five books there are a new set of characters. The story takes place in Pyrha. The tribes are: SeaWings, SkyWings, SandWings, MudWings, IceWings, RainWings, and  NightWings. The series is adventurous and keeps me interested. I have finished all of the books and I am excited for a new one! I hope you enjoy the books as much as I have.”

April 2020