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Missing You – Week 7

The Continuing Adventures of “What is Ted Reading?”

Ted loves tacos as much as dragons do! That’s why he’s a pot-belliedbear. Ted also loves reading books like Dragons Love Tacos and Dragons Love Tacos 2 by Adam Rubin. Both titles are also available as a read aloud on Hoopla. In fact, reading the books made Ted so hungry he had to make a trip to one of his favorite places, 202 Hometown Tacos for a some Mama’s Tacos and a Bellevue Bowl. Delicious!

As we move into week seven of our closure, we want all of our library friends, from the tallest to the smallest, to know that we miss you and can’t wait until we can see you again. Stay happy – stay safe – and if you are able, please patronize our local businesses.

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Talking With Kids

Unsure of how to talk to your kids about what’s going on with the COVID19 pandemic? If you’re looking for some answers, PBS for Parents is ready to help.

Mother and child washing hands

This site is a great resource for tips on how to talk to your kids on an age appropriate level about the current situation, while offering reassurance and guidance on how they can do their part to keep themselves and their family safe. Involving children on a level they can understand and engage in, is an important step in managing stress.

In addition, the site offers timely advice on how to manage and make the most of your child’s screen time, how to support children on the autism spectrum, and tips for parents who are new to home schooling. Self care for parents, an important topic, is also highlighted.

Of course, the kids will enjoy the links to their favorite PBS shows, downloadable activity sheets and games. There are art, science, and math activities to explore. You can even filter content by ages two to eight years old.

As the beloved Mister Rogers said, “Look for the helpers.” Thanks PBS.

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Missing You – Week 6

Ahoy me hearties! I hope you are all ship-shape and that no scallywag has made you swab the deck or walk the plank! Until we can be aboard together again to share swashbuckling tales, here is a fun read aloud of Shiver Me Letters by June Sobel.

Don’t be a bunch of landlubbers, check out more pirate treasure on our Pirate Pinterest page.

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National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. This poem was found years ago in a returned library book. We think that Amanda Bayne would have enjoyed it. To help you celebrate, please visit our National Poetry Month Pinterest Board with ideas for all ages.

Want to learn more about poetry? Visit The Poetry Foundation and explore different types of poetry. Maybe it will inspire you to write your own!

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Missing You – Week 5

We miss seeing all of your beautiful faces at Thursday story time! We know that you are all brave and fierce like a lion! Here is a link to a reading of one of our favorite books: Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. We hope it reminds you of fun times at Bayne Library. Keep practicing your roars; we can’t wait to hear them again soon.

If you’d like to learn more about lions, check out National Geographic Kids,

Check in next week to find out What Ted is Reading!

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Imaginative Play – Pizza Shop

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice piping hot pizza? Let’s use our imaginations and creativity for some Pizza Shop Fun!

For the pizza:  Use recycled cardboard boxes from cereal etc. to cut circles for your pizza crust, use your imagination to create your favorite toppings.  Construction paper or recycled cardboard can turn into pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, olives or any of your favorite toppings. Thin strips of yellow paper can become your cheese. Look through old cooking magazines for pictures you can use. This is also a great time to reinforce color and shape recognition as well as introduce the math concepts of size (small, medium or large) and fractions (half pepperoni/half plain).

Kitchen/Restaurant: If you have a larger cardboard box, turn that into a pizza oven and a pizza paddle. Gather pans (or cover recycled cardboard with aluminum foil to make pretend ones), oven mitts, plastic knives and aprons. Set up the ingredients you’ve created in separate containers so you can use them over and over again. You can even try to make a chef’s hat (see our Pinterest board link below).  

Take out: Recycled shirt boxes make great take out boxes. Don’t forget to decorate the top of the box with your logo. Can you design a box with your family name on it? Older kids can help to design a menu and practice math skills by adding up the order. Set up a play phone or make a pretend one for taking phone orders and don’t forget a pencil and paper for jotting them down.

Staff: A good pizza place needs a lot of staff help. Take turns being the chef, server, hostess, delivery person, cashier, and of course, customers. Now, more than ever, please continue to patronize our local businesses.

Check out our Imaginative Play/Pizza Shop board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Still craving more? Here are the links to some of our favorite pizza-themed books read aloud on YouTube.

  • Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party by Kimberly and James Dean This is a great read for families who can’t decide on toppings.
  • Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin – A perfect read for everyone craving some adventure right now.
  • Pizza at Sally’s by Monica Wellington – Read this one if you’re dreaming about fairs, festivals and farmer’s markets.
  • Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig – A personal favorite. Here’s to all of the awesome parents out there embracing silliness and making the best of this unique situation.
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Missing You – Week 4

It just doesn’t seem like Thursday without seeing all of our story time friends. We hope that you and your families are healthy and safe and having some book fun at home.

Have you tried Scholastic BookFlix? It’s a great resource available through Power Library with your library card. Enjoy these read aloud books with the text highlighted to promote print awareness. Many titles are also available in Spanish. You can read books about animals, people, nature and more. There are also extension activities for each title that help develop vocabulary, reading retention and sequencing skills. Can you guess which book Ted is enjoying?

Check out our Pinterest Picture Book Crafts and Activities board for more fun ideas.

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Missing You – Week 3

We are missing all of our Thursday story time friends very much. We realize that, by now, many of you are probably getting a little tired of the library books you have checked out. We’ve put together a list of some fun things you can do with your stack of books.

Set up your books so that they form a domino effect. Click here to see a video of a library in Seattle that used 2,131 books!

Play pretend librarian. Make library cards for each family member. Set up a display of your favorite books. Use cardboard boxes to create a pretend computer, screen, and scanner for checkout. Use a bigger box for a book drop. Gather stuffed animals for a story time. Remember to sing a few songs together before you begin. After story time, help your guests choose just the right book. See our Imaginative Play Pinterest board for more ideas.

Turn your books over so that they are facing down. How many titles can you name by looking at the back cover?

Put on a play! Use your stuffed animals or family members to play different parts. Gather hats, scarves, and other items around the house for props. Don’t have the books you want? See if you can remember some of your favorites like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Caps for Sale?

Wrap up your books in old newspaper or recycled wrapping paper. Each day, choose a “surprise” book to read. Were you surprised or did you guess what it would be?

Try to balance a book on your head. How far can you walk? How many books can you balance at once? Are you this good?

Make an obstacle course for your toy cars, dolls, or stuffed animals from your books. Books make great roads, tents and houses!

Create a secret reading clubhouse under your dining room table or other small space. Use tablecloths, sheets or blankets to make a cozy enclosure. Bring out the flashlights for even more fun!

For parents and caregivers: Are you frustrated that your child wants to read the same book over and over? It can be hard, but repetition, especially in these stressful times, brings a sense of comfort. Familiar books are like good friends you can call on when you need them. Knowing the ending can help a child feel safe and in control. Let’s nurture each other through these trying times.

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Let’s Pretend……

It’s a great time to do what children do so well…..pretend. Imaginative play promotes language skills, social skills and decision making. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your child and make lasting memories. If you need some ideas for getting started check out our Imaginative Play Pinterest board. Our personal favorite is pretend librarian.

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Missing You!

We want everyone, especially our youngest patrons, to know how much we miss seeing you. Until we are together again, here is a fun website for online children’s books read by celebrities:

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