Got Legos?

We’re missing our weekly Lego sessions at the library. If you’ve got Legos at home, we thought you might want some inspiration. Overdrive has a great selection of Lego themed books available. There are building guides, picture books, easy readers and books that explore the history and art form of Legos.

Hoopla, available with your library card, also has a great selection of Lego themed movies and books for your enjoyment.

Have you ever wondered about the history of Legos and how it all began? This short animated YouTube video tells the story of Lego inventor, Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter turned toymaker. He had many obstacles to overcome before Legos (from a Danish phrase which means “play well”) became a success. From its beginnings in the 1950’s to the year 2000 when it was named “Toy of the Century” by Fortune magazine, Lego has become a staple of childhood. It has often been called “the ideal toy” because of its endless creative possibilities.

How many Legos do you have? Visit the Guinness Book of World Records site and find out about a man in Australia who has 1.2 million Lego bricks and 8,000 mini figures! If you don’t have that many, visit our Lego Pinterest board for some ideas to inspire you! Share what you’re building with us on social media – we’d love to see!

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